Happy New Year

Pentacle: 5 pointed symbol

I’m sharing the symbol of the Pentacle today which has many different uses as a symbol throughout history. It has no single meaning: it represents perfection in mathematics, the human body, words, and was also used in religious ritual and magic. I like the Greek meaning that it represents the five elements are believed to make up the physical body: earth (matter), air (breath), fire (energy), water (fluids) and aether (the psyche or soul). 

It’s at times such as this we turn to our past and our roots, look to our ancestors for symbols, meanings and interpretations that helped them, and how they can help us understand and get through difficult times.

It’s been a very difficult year for many people so I just want to wish everyone a prosperous and peaceful new year.

I look forward to blogging about oils in January 2021 and invite you to my practice based in the beautiful town of Richmond, North Yorkshire for some well deserved healing, rest and relaxation. More details to follow.

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