Bergamot and balance

This week I’m recommending Bergamot (Citrus bergamia). This oil has a mildly spicy, fresh citrus aroma and is found in Earl Grey tea. It is a wonderful balancing oil, helping reduce feelings of anger, frustration and agitation, calming the nervous system and balancing our emotions. Due to presence of alcohol naturally occurring within the fruit, it has anti-fungal and antiviral properties which will help combat symptoms of colds and flu. Use it neat on a cold sore by adding one drop on a cotton but making sure you put it directly onto the affected area. To help relax and create a feeling of calm, you can also add Bergamot to a warm bath, combined with Lavender and Chamomile (2 drops of each). Bergamot is phototoxic therefore avoid sun for at least 24 hours after use. It is not recommended for people with fair skin or lots of large moles.

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