NHS Natural Health School

“Our mission is to develop a new generation of expert complementary therapists for the future.”
It’s Aromatherapy Awareness week and today I’m recommending the NHS Natural Health School based in Harrogate where I completed my training as an Aromatherapist this year. This quote above is their mission statement and they still have places for courses starting in September including Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy plus a host of other courses for practising therapists.
Check out the school here: https://nhsnaturalhealthschool.co.uk/

2 Replies to “NHS Natural Health School”

  1. Fantastic that the NHS recognise and utilise the real benefits of complementary therapies to support health and mental well being. Also brilliant to see them investing in the future by training experts to the highest standards possible.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I highly recommend the NHS Natural Health School in Harrogate for learning complementary therapy. An excellent service provider delivering high quality teaching, services and experience for all therapists now and in the future!

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